Blink-182 cover used for the new John Lewis Christmas ad

A cover of Blink-182’s classic track ‘All The Small Things’ by US singer Mike Geier is the soundtrack to the new Christmas ad for John Lewis.


Well, it’s that time of the year again. Not the time when you start actually feeling warm and Christmassy, but when companies and corporations start plugging their goods. That said, the annual John Lewis Christmas ad always creates a bit of legitimate buzz for its ability to pluck on the heartstrings. 

And this year, they’ve opted for a quiet rendition of California rockers Blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things’. 

The ad, titled ‘The Beginner’, depicts a middle-aged bloke trying to learn skateboarding, eventually revealing that he does so to bond with a girl taken in from care.

And there’s a practical point to the storyline too. This year, the advert was created in partnership with charities Action For Children and Who Cares? Scotland, to draw attention to those children in care.  

A quarter of the value of sales of a special toy bear and other items (including a skateboard that appears in the clip) will go to both charities. Additionally, John Lewis’ new “giving trees” will allow shoppers to donate in-store. 

The ad ends by stating the fact that over 108,000 children in the UK are in care, and that the company plan to make a “long-term commitment” to support, which whether you’re a Christmas grinch or not, is a noble cause. 

The stripped-back version of the Blink-182 track certainly adds further poignancy. Last month the band also announced a new album is in the works and – whilst it might be all the small things that matter – they’re soon to embark on a mammoth world tour as well.  

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