Pulp are reforming for 2023 concerts

Frontman Jarvis Cocker confirmed the rumours of the band’s reunion for a tour next year and fans couldn’t be happier.

Jarvis Cocker Pulp

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker confirmed the band’s reunion for a tour next year.

Pulp’s reunion had been teased by Cocker on Instagram where he cryptically posted “What exactly do you do for an encore?”

This is of course a nod to the band’s song This Is Hardcore’ and it sent fans into speculation about a potential reunion. Cocker went on to confirm the rumours during The Guardian’s Q&A about his new memoir, Good Pop, Bad Pop, stating that the Instagram post was “deliberately cryptic” and that “Next year Pulp are going to play some shows!”

Pulp’s drummer Nick Banks also took to Twitter to address the news. Banks promised that specific dates would be announced “as and when.” 

“Stay calm, hug your #pulp records and dream of going mental sometime in 2023” Banks tweeted. 

Banks also went on BBC Radio Sheffield to talk about Pulp’s show next year and, while he didn’t reveal any specific dates or locations, simply because nothing was finalised yet, he did all but confirm that Pulp would be playing at their home town of Sheffield. 

When asked directly if the band would play Sheffield, Banks replied “It doesn’t take the brain of Britain to put those dots together.”

Banks also commented on the band’s hiatus, saying: “It was never a case of us all starting calling each other names and chucking our toys out of the pram. The band gets put in a drawer under the bed and you know it’s safe there and eventually it’s going to get resurrected.”

Pulp were formed in 1978, but the band went their separate ways in 2002. They reformed in 2010 and played some shows in 2011 and 2012, but haven’t performed or released music since. So next year’s shows will be a real treat for Pulp fans. 

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