Courting share new single ‘We Look Good Together (Big Words)’ ahead of album release

"Courting's fresh release ‘We Look Good Together (Big Words)’ sets the stage for their upcoming album, marking a new era for the band."

Courting We Look Good Together

Liverpool’s alternative pop sensation, Courting, are bringing a touch of warmth to January with their latest single, ‘We Look Good Together (Big Words)’.

The track, supplemented with additional guest production from DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, marks an exciting prelude to their highly anticipated new album New Last Name, set for release on January 26th via Lower Third.

This Scouse quartet continues to captivate fans with each release. Their forthcoming album, recorded in collaboration with indie icons Gary and Ryan Jarman of The Cribs, has a lot of promise.

“It’s a theatrical play within an album,” says frontman Sean Murphy O’Neill. “There’s a lot going on. It can be simply enjoyed as an album, but there are characters, acts, stage directions etc. The listeners can decide on the narrative themselves, but we want them to get lost in it.”

New Last Name is unrestrained and chaotic. At the same time, it is more focused and detail-oriented than anything we’ve done before. New Last Name is a study in contradictions, and it’s the best damn play south of the north pole,” says Murphy O’Neill.

The excitement doesn’t stop with the album; Courting are hitting the road in 2024 with a headlining tour across the UK and Europe. They’ve also announced a stellar lineup of support acts, including Cosmorat, Flat Party, Duvet, Saloon Dion, and Sterling Press.

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