The Rolling Stones enlist Nicholas Hoult for ‘Mess It Up’ video

The soon-to-be Lex Luthor stars in The Rolling Stones’ thrilling new music video for ‘Mess It Up’, showcasing their blues-rock essence.

mess-it-up nicholas hoult

The Rolling Stones have truly outdone themselves this year, and now they’re wrapping it up with an electrifying music video for ‘Mess It Up’. The legendary rockers, who made a grand return this year with the globally acclaimed album Hackney Diamonds, are now eyeing the top spot for Christmas No. 1 on the UK albums chart. The album, featuring collaborations with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga, resonates with the band’s signature blues-rock vibe.

‘Mess It Up’ stands out with its punchy, classic riffs, courtesy of Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, and Mick Jagger’s unmistakably rebellious vocals. To bring this track to life visually, the Stones have enlisted the talents of British actor Nicholas Hoult. Known for his diverse roles, Hoult steps into the world of rock as the lead in this high-drama relationship tale.

It’s quite the year for Hoult, who’s been recently announced as the new Lex Luthor in DC Studios’ upcoming Superman: Legacy. Now, he’s making waves in the music world, starring in the ‘Mess It Up’ video directed by the renowned Calmatic.

The Rolling Stones, still charging full steam ahead, are set to embark on their ‘Hackney Diamonds’ US tour in April 2024. This latest video release is a perfect prelude to what promises to be another epic journey for these rock legends.

Catch a glimpse of Nicholas Hoult’s performance and The Rolling Stones’ rock mastery in the ‘Mess It Up’ video, below.

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