Ed Sheeran breaks 100 million follower mark on Spotify

In unsurprising news, Ed Sheeran has become the first artist to hit the 100 million follower mark on Spotify. 

Ed Sheeran at the MTV awards

Another day, another record for Mr Sheeran. At this point, the numbers involved are so gargantuan that he exists happily in a world of streaming supremacy unto himself. 

Ariana Grande, who is in second place on the list, has only a miserly 81 million. Adele is miles back, she’s got just 40 million. Drake, Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift are some of the other massive names in the top ten. 

Sheeran shared the news on Twitter, wearing a t-shirt sent over from Spotify to commemorate the milestone. 

Most of the people Sheeran showed his newest garment to were fairly unimpressed, and I can see why. A t-shirt is a nice enough gesture – a freebie’s a freebie, beggars can’t be choosers, all that – but I’d like to think if I racked up the numbers Sheeran did for the platform, I’d get a small trophy at least. I suppose he’s probably got enough of those already.

His hit ‘Shape Of You’ is also Spotify’s most streamed song, recently surpassing the 3.1 billion mark. Sheeran was also declared the UK’s most played artist in 2021 and he also has the most regular listeners on Spotify, with 84 million people tuning into his music each month.

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