Ed Sheeran wins a second ‘Thinking Out Loud’ copyright case

Ed Sheeran has won another copyright case that alleged his 2014 hit ‘Thinking Out Loud’ plagiarised from Marvin Gaye’s classic soul track ‘Let’s Get It On’.

Ed Sheeran

The verdict comes two weeks after he was victorious in another court case that concerned the same two tracks. 

The case that was decided in favour of Sheeran today had been brought against the popstar by Structured Asset Sales (SAS), a company owned by investment banker David Pullman, who also owns parts of ‘Let’s Get It On’ that were originally copyrighted to the song’s co-writer Ed Townsend.

A district judge in Manhattan, Louis Stanton, however, dismissed the most recent case, ruling that the parts of ‘Let’s Get It On’ Sheeran was accused of infringing were too common for copyright protection.

Ed Sheeran

Photo by Theo Wargo.

Townsend’s heirs had been behind the case two weeks ago, with the verdict having been decided by a jury only a matter of hours before the release of Sheeran’s sixth studio album, – (Subtract).

Regarding the latest decision, Sheeran’s attorney, Ilene Farkas, said the rule to dismiss the case was “an important victory not only for Ed” and his co-writer Amy Wadge, “but for all songwriters and consumers of music.”

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