First trailer for Chevalier | Kelvin Harrison Jr. impresses as Joseph Bologne

Kelvin Harrison Jr. portrays Joseph Bologne, the Chevalier de Saint-Georges as he climbs the social ladder in Chevalier. 


Chevalier premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to positive reviews. The film currently holds a 94% Tomatometer score, albeit from 16 reviews.

Kelvin Harrison Jr. plays Joseph Bologne, a young music prodigy who ultimately became the Chevalier de Saint-Georges. 

The trailer advertises Chevalier to be based on the “untold true story” and what a story it is. Bologne, the illegitimate son of a plantation owner and a slave, was one of, if not the first Black classical composers. 

Check out the impressive trailer below. 

Bologne’s story, judging from the trailer, is one of undeniable talent shadowed by the constant threat of racism, discrimination and abuse. 

Harrison Jr. isn’t a stranger to playing musical icons; he played B.B. King in this year’s flashy Elvis

Harrison Jr. is joined by a handsome cast consisting of Lucy Boynton, Samara Weaving, Minnie Driver, Marton Csokas, and Alex Fitzalan.

The film is currently slated for an April 2023 release in the US with no official UK date set, but that’s sure to follow. 

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