Ivy Lab announce new album ‘Infinite Falling Ground Pt.2’ and new A/V show in London

Ivy Lab's upcoming album Infinite Falling Ground Pt.2 drops 22nd August, featuring the single 'Left With You'.

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North London’s dynamic duo Ivy Lab is back, and they’re bringing more of their unique soundscapes with the upcoming album Infinite Falling Ground Pt.2, set to drop on 22nd August through their own label, Twenty Twenty London.

Following the success of their 2022 release, Infinite Falling Ground, Sabre (Gove Kidao) and Stray (J. Fogel) are diving deeper into their signature blend of electronic and hip-hop influences. This new album continues to explore themes of melancholy and parenthood, creating what can only be described as a vivid, crystalline dreamscape.

The duo has also released the single ‘Left With You,’ a hip-hop-infused electronic experiment that serves as an exciting prelude to the full album. LA-based artist Lake Hills brings this track to life with an intriguing video that continues the narrative of Emma and Charlie, characters introduced in Infinite Falling Ground.

Gove Kidao shared some personal insights about the album’s thematic focus on fatherhood: “For me this music is loaded with agenda both emotionally and vocationally. I’m journaling an era of contemplation about the experience of fatherhood, both as a parent but also as the child of a fascinatingly mysterious father. I’m also in need of a vehicle to pursue my ambitions in visual arts and with this album comes the opportunity to create a sequel film.”

Ivy Lab’s new audio-visual show premieres in London on 5th September, before the duo takes it on tour across North America, returning to the UK for a performance in Bristol this November.

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