Goat Girl unveil third album ‘Below The Waste’, watch new video for single ‘Ride Around’

London’s own Goat Girl announces their eagerly awaited third album, 'Below The Waste', promising an eclectic mix of indie pop and rock.

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South London trio Goat Girl are back in the spotlight after announcing their third album, Below The Waste (pre-save here). Set to hit the shelves on June 7, 2024, through Rough Trade Records, it’s a collaborative effort between the band and the esteemed John Spud Murphy, known for his work with Lankum and Black Midi.

Diving into the album’s first single, ‘Ride Around’, fans are treated to a video as thought-provoking as the track, directed by Luke Kulukundis and Mateo Villanueva Brandt from Foreign Body Productions. The video vividly depicts the quest for connection amidst the mundane and capitalist constraints of city life.

In the words of Lottie Pendlebury, the band’s vocalist, ‘Ride Around’ was born out of a blend of insomnia and creative fervour. Inspired by the musical interplay of tension and resolution found in the works of Phillip Glass and Deerhoof, the song navigates the complexities of relationships and the yearning for authenticity. “It’s full of denial and regret; my perfect idea of a breakup anthem,” Pendlebury shares.

Below The Waste comes alive through a mix of sessions at Ireland’s Hellfire Studios, amidst the legendary backdrop of the Hellfire Club, and additional recordings in various locations, from a barn in Essex to the band’s studio in South London. This album revisits the electrifying energy of the band’s earlier work while venturing into new sonic territories, merging indie pop and rock with the unmistakable influence of Fleetwood Mac, HAIM, The White Stripes, and Arctic Monkeys.

As Goat Girl gear up for a series of intimate shows in March, including a performance at the ICA in London, and a record store tour to celebrate the album’s release, anticipation is high. Fans across the continent eagerly await the announcement of a comprehensive headline UK & EU tour.

Photo credit: Holly Whitaker

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