Lucy Rose announces new album ‘This Ain’t The Way You Go Out’

After a challenging recovery from injury, Lucy Rose returns with 'This Ain't The Way You Go Out', an album of defiance, resilience, and grace.


Lucy Rose has shared details of her latest album, This Ain’t The Way You Go Out, on 19th April. The album, emerging from a period of personal trials and triumphs, promises to be a deeply moving and intimate experience for listeners.

Last year, Lucy faced an immense challenge: fracturing eight vertebrae and undergoing a daunting recovery. And yet, during this time of adversity, she found solace in her music. The forthcoming album, released under Communion Records, is a testament to her resilience and artistic spirit.

In her own words, Lucy shares, “I wanted my new album to end on a note of defiance and triumph, of accepting what’s happened to me, pushing through, picking myself up and continuing life in the best way I can.”

The album’s creation wasn’t just a process of healing but also one of joy. Lucy recounts, “And a final side note, this song was SO much fun to make, from start to finish, it brought a smile to my face every time!” This energy is palpable in her work, offering listeners an immersive and uplifting experience.

Fans can witness Lucy Rose’s powerful presence live as she headlines The Roundhouse in London on 25th April as part of the venue’s In The Round Festival. This performance is poised to be a captivating display of her journey and her artistry.

Photo credit: Josh Skinner

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