Lynks announces debut album ‘Abomination’, with a theatrical twist

Underground sensation Lynks announces debut album 'Abomination', featuring the catchy new single 'CPR', set to release on April 12th.


Lynks, an artist known for his unpredictability, has just made quite the announcement. Following a mock death announcement on Instagram, London’s The Social hosted what was dubbed Lynks’ ‘funeral’, complete with humorous eulogies from various musical friends.

But Lynks had a surprise up his sleeve. As the ‘funeral’ concluded, he staged a sensational ‘resurrection’, electrifying the crowded basement with an energetic performance filled with unanticipated twists.

First off, Lynks is dropping his long-awaited album. Set for release on April 12th via Heavenly Recordings, ‘Abomination’ is now up for pre-order here.

The second surprise? A brand-new single. Ending the mock funeral on a promotional note, Lynks introduced ‘CPR’, a catchy single reminiscent of mid-2000s pop icons like Kelis, Missy Elliot, and Fergie. Accompanied by surreal visuals, the track delves into the theme of men with savior complexes.

Lynks explains the song’s inspiration: “There’s this temptation to shrink yourself and make yourself seem all helpless and vulnerable with those guys, so they get to feel like some Big Strong Man protecting you. CPR felt like the perfect metaphor for that weird dynamic.”

The conception of ‘CPR’ came to Lynks in an unexpected setting. “I first had the idea for ‘CPR’ while doing a first-aid course at my old job. I was mid-chest compression on my dummy, and suddenly the chorus just came into my head over the rhythm of my hands on the doll. I quickly ran to the toilet to do a voicenote, then got back to saving imaginary lives…”

Dive into Lynks’ latest creation now – and mark those calendars for the album that’s set to take his fans on yet another wild ride.

Photo Credit: Mars Washington

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