NOISY share new single ‘All Of U’, a tribute to friendship and wild nights

From an idea in the back of a van to a crowd favorite, 'All Of U' by NOISY captures the essence of their bond with fans.

NOISY All of U

NOISY have just dropped ‘All Of U,’ a track they describe as their first love song and a noisy love letter to their mates.

Originating early in their songwriting process, the band had shelved the song, waiting for the perfect moment for its release. That moment came when live performances confirmed its special place in their hearts and sets, now becoming the climactic closer to their shows.

The song, which encapsulates themes of friendship and the memorable yet fleeting moments spent with close ones, emerged from a creative session fueled by summer vibes and festival FOMO. Despite its initial lack of direction, ‘All Of U’ quickly evolved into a homage to the band’s close-knit relationships, with lyrics that delve into support and camaraderie.

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NOISY stress that ‘All Of U’ represents everything they stand for – it’s about living for the moment, cherishing the companionship, and being there for each other, encapsulating the band’s ethos of friendship first and foremost. It’s described as their trademark song, a defining tune for anyone new to their sound.

As ‘All Of U’ makes its way into the world via Concord, NOISY are gearing up for a tour alongside YONAKA across the UK and Europe this March, promising to bring their infectious energy and new anthems to fans old and new.

Photo credit: Joeseth Carter

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