Sibling duo Esme Emerson announce new EP ‘Big Leap, No Faith, Small Chancer’

British-Chinese siblings Esme Emerson are set to release their new EP, blending indie-pop with introspective lyrics on love, insecurity, and growth.

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Emerging British-Chinese sibling duo Esme Emerson have announced their latest musical venture, a new EP titled Big Leap, No Faith, Small Chancer, slated for release on 28 June through Communion Records. Alongside this news, they’ve unveiled their new single ‘Show You (Truck Song),’ further expanding their indie-pop soundscape known for its blend of electronic and organic elements.

Described by Esme as a track that intertwines love and self-affirmation, ‘Show You (Truck Song)’ (listen here) delves into the complexities of proving one’s worth to both oneself and others, addressing themes of insecurity and the longing to be cherished.

The forthcoming EP, Big Leap, No Faith, Small Chancer, reflects on the duo’s personal growth, both artistically and individually, offering an introspective look at the trials of adolescence and young adulthood through a mix of gentle melodies and electronic intricacies. Influenced by acts like Big Thief and Slow Pulp, the EP is anticipated to mark a significant chapter in Esme Emerson’s journey.

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In addition to their upcoming release, Esme Emerson has revealed a series of UK tour dates, including support slots for The Japanese House in cities like Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, and a sold-out show in London at the iconic Roundhouse.

Photo credit: Nick Illot & Lydia Cooper

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