Vevo showcases Olivia Rodrigo and her raw energy in new performance series

Vevo's latest offering features Rodrigo’s 'All-American Bitch' and 'Get Him Back!', showcasing her undeniable talent and energy.

Olivia Rodrigo Vevo

As an early Christmas present none of us were expecting, Olivia Rodrigo and Vevo are collaborating to bring two exclusive performances from her Grammy-nominated album Guts.

Known for connecting artists and fans through unique visual storytelling, Vevo’s latest offering features Rodrigo’s ‘All-American Bitch’ and ‘Get Him Back!’, showcasing her undeniable talent and energy.

The performances are set in a world that captures the essence of grunge, punk, and female energy. ‘All-American Bitch’ begins with Rodrigo in a sequined mini dress, roaming a dimly lit hallway adorned with vintage show flyers, and eventually bursting onto the stage with an electrifying presence.

‘Get Him Back’, on the other hand, offers a more intimate backstage setting, where Rodrigo and her band jam under subdued lighting, creating a raw and authentic atmosphere.

These performances are born from creative collaborations with artists and their teams. They aim to connect artists with their global audience, adding unique and special performances to their visual library.

As the world’s leading music video network, Vevo continues to offer a diverse range of premium content, from official music videos to live performances and innovative original programming. Available across multiple platforms, Vevo reaches a vast monthly audience, bringing music videos to fans globally – when, where, and how they want them.

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