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What’s on in cinemas | April blockbuster films

Whether you're in the market for blood-curdling horror or a video game adaptation, April has it. Here's what's on in cinemas this month. 

April is a cinematically rich month with something for everybody. Whether you’re in the market for blood-curdling horror or an animated video game adaptation, April has it. Here are our picks for what’s on in cinemas this month. 

Air / April 5

air ben affleck

Credit: Warner Bros.

If you enjoyed Tetris, Air is your new favourite film! Telling the story of how Nike made a deal with a rookie basketball player Michael Jordan, Ben Affleck’s newest film is a gripping, wildly entertaining affair. Matt Damon stars as the one person who believed in Jordan so fiercely he was willing to lose his job for this deal. 

The Super Mario Bros. Movie / April 7

super mario bros

Credit: Universal Pictures

Chris Pratt voices everyone’s favourite Italian plumber Mario in this film adaptation of the popular video game franchise. Mario is mysteriously transported into the Mushroom Kingdom, and his help is sorely needed against Bowser, a villainous turtle-like monster. Pratt is joined by Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day and Jack Black in the impressive voice cast. 

Renfield / April 14 

renfield trailer

Credit: Universal Pictures

Every cinema trip is infinitely better with a little Nicolas Cage. In Renfield, he plays a hilariously over-the-top Dracula, whose servant, the titular Renfield (Nicholas Hoult), has become very unhappy with his life. Renfield seeks to leave his life with Dracula, which is easier said than done. Awkwafina also stars as Renfield’s love interest and traffic cop, Rebecca. 

Evil Dead Rise / April 21 

Evil Dead Rise

Credit: Studio Canal

“Mommy’s with the maggots now.” If that line doesn’t sell you the new Evil Dead film, I don’t know what will. Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin is taking on the long-running horror franchise and bringing us a creepy, disgusting tale of two sisters and some deadites. The cheese grater scene from the trailer has already caused quite a commotion, and we have it on good authority that Evil Dead Rise is an Evil Dead film done right. 

Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story Of The Once And Future Heavyweight Champion Of The World / April 28

big george foreman

Credit: Sony Pictures

If Creed III tickled your fancy, or you’re just a fan of boxing films, April has something quite good in store for you. Khris Davis takes on the role of Big George Foreman, a former World Heavyweight Champion and an Olympic Gold Medalist. The film will chronicle his incredible journey from being a top athlete to a near-death experience and back to the boxing ring to reclaim his old title. 

Polite Society / April 28

polite society

Credit: Universal Pictures

Ria Khan dreams of being a stuntwoman but must seize her martial arts training after learning her sister has dropped out of art school. Ria stages an impressive wedding heist to save her sister from the throes of married life. Nida Manzoor’s inventive and joyous film is sure to charm the socks off you.

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