Yellow Days unveils new cosmic concept album ‘Hotel Heaven’ with lead single ‘Mrs Midnight’

Yellow Days is back with 'Hotel Heaven', a concept album that takes listeners to an otherworldly hotel, complete with a lead single that captures the essence of fleeting love.


Yellow Days, known for his genre-blending music, announces his third album, Hotel Heaven (pre-save here), dropping April 5th, and teases fans with the single Mrs Midnight (stream here).

This upcoming album paints a picture of luxury and escape in a hotel above a troubled world, with narratives inspired by eclectic sources like The White Lotus and Twin Peaks. Yellow Days, or George van den Broek, evolves musically, drawing from 70s and 80s sounds, recording everything in his East London flat, showcasing his versatility.

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‘Mrs Midnight’ exemplifies Yellow Days’ ability to merge soulful tunes with compelling storytelling, setting the tone for Hotel Heaven. As he gears up for a global tour, this album marks a fresh chapter, exploring new sounds while staying true to his introspective style.

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