Manchester’s rising star Antony Szmierek drops ‘Seasoning EP’

Antony Szmierek, BBC 6 Music’s Artist of the Year, releases Seasoning EP, a contemplative voyage merging indie, rap, and spoken-word elements.

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Antony Szmierek, Manchester’s rising star, has just unveiled his latest work, Seasoning EP, under the underplay/Lab label. It’s a project showcasing his unique blend of spoken-word, indie, rap, and even a hint of garage, which he’s been perfecting during a year that’s seen him sell out nationwide venues.

The EP is an emotional trip, with Szmierek’s words painting graphic images of self-reflection and moments made for the dance floor. Give it a spin below…

It’s an extension of his deep-rooted love for creating intimate spaces through words, a love that first found its outlet in two published novels. When the pandemic hit, Szmierek turned his hand to music, finding a new way to weave his narrative magic.

Regarding the EP, Szmierek delves into its core: “Seasoning is about running out of time, moving through the seasons and trying to find those special ingredients that make the everyday feel worthwhile. Sometimes celebratory and sometimes introspective, it’s about holding onto the moment before the moment explodes…”


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2023 has been a monumental year for Szmierek, who was named one of BBC 6 Music’s Artists Of The Year. This accolade is a testament to his unique artistry, which deftly balances the spoken word’s contemplative nature with the energetic beats of indie and rap.

As the year draws to a close, Szmierek is already eyeing the future, ready to build on the momentum he’s gained. With Seasoning EP, he’s inviting listeners into a world where music and poetry collide, creating something genuinely special. It’s a space where every beat and every word resonates with the raw, unfiltered emotion of life’s fleeting moments.

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