Amsterdam’s The Klittens to rock the UK with nationwide tour

The Klittens are back with new music and a UK tour, offering fans a limited-edition cassette recorded live in Ramsgate.

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Following their acclaimed Butter EP, Amsterdam-based band The Klittens have announced the release of a new cassette, Bread, featuring two unreleased tracks recorded live at Ramsgate Music Hall. This limited-edition cassette, restricted to just 100 copies, serves as a companion piece to their earlier work and will be exclusively available during their forthcoming UK tour, starting this July.

Praised for their unique blend of pop catchiness and art-rock darkness, The Klittens have carved a niche in the music world with their distinct sound. “Ambition meets weirdo cool on Amsterdam gang’s superb EP. Very clever. Very cool,” remarked NME about their previous release. Clash called it “a gem,” while DIY have highlighted its “kid in a candy shop” air of gleeful experimentation.

Tickets for the tour are available now, offering fans across the UK the opportunity to experience The Klittens’ live performance:

  • 18th July 2024: Brighton, The Hope & Ruin
  • 19th July 2024: London, The Old Blue Last
  • 20th July 2024: Cumbria, Varnyfest
  • 21st July 2024: Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s
  • 23rd July 2024: Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club
  • 24th July 2024: Sheffield, Sidney & Matilda
  • 25th July 2024: Nottingham, JT Soar
  • 26th July 2024: Norwich, Norwich Arts Centre
  • 27th July 2024: Margate, Whereelse?
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Since their emergence from Amsterdam’s vibrant underground scene, The Klittens have gained recognition for their DIY ethos and the passionate, political drive behind their music. Their debut EP Citrus launched in 2022 to international acclaim, propelling them to stages alongside notable acts like Alex G and Sasami, and a memorable tour with Otoboke Beaver.

The Klittens continue to impress on the live circuit, having recently toured the UK with Real Farmer and Personal Trainer for Independent Venue Week. Their musical journey, marked by a fiercely independent approach to the industry, promises more innovative projects and exhilarating performances in the coming months.

Photo Credit: Jade Sastropawiro

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