Celtic coins worth millions stolen in German museum heist

Hundreds of Celtic coins, worth “several million euros” have been stolen from a museum in Germany’s Bavaria region, with the heist taking place in under ten minutes and thieves cutting the city’s phone and internet signal.

celtic coins Photograph MößbauerWikimedia

The incident occurred at the Celtic and Roman Museum in the city of Manching, about from 45 minutes away from Munich. 

Around 483 coins are believed to have been taken. They were discovered in 1999 in an excavation near Manching, and date back to the 3rd century B.C.E.

Police in the area estimated the collection of coins are worth “several million euros.” 

The thieves cut off the telephone service and internet connection for the entire city of Manching, making it impossible for people to contact the police. 

Herbert Nerb, mayor of Manching, told the German-language publication Suddeutsche Zeitung: “The museum is actually a high-security location, but all the connections to the police were severed.

“Professionals were at work here,” Nerb continued, adding the disappearance of the treasure was a “complete catastrophe” for Manchhing. for the Bavarian town, he said.

The Celtic and Roman Museum announced it would “remain closed for the time being.”

Header Image Photo Credit: MößbauerWikimedia

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