Chloe Slater drops hard-hitting new single ‘Nothing Shines On This Island’

Manchester's own Chloe Slater releases 'Nothing Shines On This Island,' a powerful reflection on contemporary British life and politics from her upcoming EP.

Chloe Slater

Chloe Slater, a 20-year-old Manchester rising star, is making her mark with her invigorating indie rock merged with pop flair. Her forthcoming debut EP, You Can’t Put A Price On Fun, set for release on May 23rd, paints a vivid picture of young adult life in a divided nation.

Her latest single, ‘Nothing Shines On This Island’, tackles the disenchantment with post-Brexit Britain, enveloping the nation in a sense of despair. The track is an explosive showcase of Slater’s energetic indie pop, intertwined with a sharply politicised consciousness.

Slater articulates her frustration with the British political landscape and the entrenched class system, exacerbated by the cost of living crisis. ‘Nothing Shines On This Island’ emerges from her dissatisfaction with the status quo, aiming to resonate with listeners grappling with similar challenges.

‘Nothing Shines On This Island’ not only critiques but also seeks to unite a community of young individuals who aspire to effect change. Following the reception of her previous release, ’24 Hours’, Slater has fostered a supportive community eager to voice their concerns about contemporary issues.

As Slater looks forward to the release of her debut EP, Nothing Shines On This Island stands as a rallying cry for those feeling overlooked and unheard, nurturing hope for impactful change in the future.

Fans and new listeners alike are encouraged to tune into this latest offering, embodying Slater’s hope to empower and connect with a generation ready to reshape their world.

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