Hinds return after four years with new single ‘Coffee’

Hinds reclaim the spotlight with 'Coffee', showcasing their evolution while staying true to their roots, accompanied by a highly anticipated world tour.

Hinds Coffee

Spanish punk duo Hinds, comprised of Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote, are back with a bang, dropping their first track in four years, ‘Coffee’.

This release marks their return and reunion as the original pair, taking us back to their roots since their 2014 debut with Bamboo. Now under Lucky Number, ‘Coffee’ encapsulates everything we’ve come to love about Hinds – catchy tunes with a punch, all tied up with their raw punk flair.

Produced by Pete Robertson and mixed by Caesar Edmunds, ‘Coffee’ brings the band’s signature sound to the forefront – dual vocals with bright melodies that explore universal themes with an empowering attitude. Hinds has long stood as a symbol of female musicianship and the power of friendship, inspiring listeners and budding artists along the way.

Describing ‘Coffee’, Hinds shares, “It’s a sincericide, admitting to everything you’re not supposed to like, doing things you’re not meant to, and just being brutally honest about it all. It’s about silencing that inner voice that tells you what’s right or wrong and just going for it.”

Hinds’ journey over the past decade has been nothing short of remarkable, from their critically acclaimed albums to touring worldwide and playing alongside giants like Coldplay and The Strokes. Their return in 2024 has already seen them energising UK venues for Independent Venue Week, with more shows lined up across Europe, including a stint at SXSW in March and back-to-back gigs in New York.

‘Coffee’ signals the start of a fresh, invigorated chapter for Hinds, promising more electrifying music and performances in the months to come.

Photo credit: Dario Vazquez

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