Hot Chip release wistful new single ‘Fire Of Mercy’ featuring Yunè Pinku

If ever you could rely on a band to make happy-sad music, it’s Hot Chip.

Hot Chip

Hot Chip have enlisted Yunè Pinku for their latest bittersweet single, ‘Fire Of Mercy’.

If ever you could rely on a band to make happy-sad music, it’s Hot Chip. Well, the synthpop stalwarts have done that just once again with the release of their latest single ‘Fire Of Mercy’.

The new single follows the release of the band’s eighth studio album Freakout/Release, which arrived a year ago, almost to the day.

And it features Malaysian-Irish producer and songwriter Yunè Pinku, who’s fresh from the release of her own rather brilliant, atmospheric BABYLON IX EP in April.

Have a listen via its video here, which also shows the single’s artwork being created.

Talking about the new single, Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard has explained the influences for the track, saying: “‘Fire of Mercy’ relates to the central concept of William Blake’s ‘Songs of Experience’ – it bemoans the corruption that inevitably comes from adulthood and longs for a return to the purity of childhood.”

Yunè Pinku, meanwhile, has spoken of what it was like working with the prodigious dance outfit, adding: “Massive honour to work with Hot Chip as they’re huge legends within the electronic world. When they played me ‘Fire of Mercy’ and asked me to jump on the track, I was thrilled to work with them.”

In our four-star review of Hot Chip’s last LP Freakout/Release, we wrote: “Play it abroad on your late summer holidays, on some delightful Mediterranean riviera with an ice cold glass of Pinot.

“Play it at home, sat in your cool garden in the evening, just as the sun leaves your plot and you turn talk radio off to head to the fridge for a guilty and expensive snaffle of something sweet.

“A four-star album that might be five – just add memories.”

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