Iron Maiden release limited-edition postal stamps with Royal Mail

Royal Mail have given their seal of approval to Iron Maiden with a release of limited-edition stamps in honour of the heavy metal rockers.

Iron Maiden stamps

The twelve-stamp collection, available to pre-order from this Thursday, sees the “bona fide rock legends” become the fifth music group to feature in such a series by Royal Mail, following the Beatles in 2007, Pink Floyd in 2016, Queen in 2020, and the Rolling Stones last year.

The images on eight of the stamps feature a number of performances in the band’s history from across the world, between 1980 and 2018. The group’s mascot Eddie – a prominent feature on the group’s album covers and merchandise – appears on the remaining four.

One of the stamps sees Eddie in full samurai warrior attire, in a nod to the band’s Senjutsu album from 2021, which came second in the charts.

Iron Maiden stamp

Credit: Royal Mail

Responding to the stamp issue, Iron Maiden’s manager, Rod Smallwood, said: “As a band who have never played by anyone else’s rules for over 40 years, it’s very gratifying to see them honoured in their home country in this way.

“We’re proud to show how these six band members are still appealing to more and more fans every year with their music and their legendary shows – which I think these stamps really capture well.

“It’s also fantastic that Eddie has been honoured too. It’s incredible to think that Her Majesty, may she rest in peace, saw these and lent her iconic silhouette to them too.”

With five number one albums to their name and more than 100 million records sold since their formation in 1975, Royal Mail’s decision is a latest acknowledgment of their influence on British culture and music as a whole.

Iron Maiden Eddie stamps

Credit: Royal Mail

Nonetheless, their success wasn’t enough for the powers that be at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to induct them last year – an omission which Kiss frontman Paul Stanley recently called “insanity”, and his bandmate Gene Simmons labelled “disgusting”.

These stamps might put something of a sticking plaster over their grievances from that decision.

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