James announce new album ‘Yummy’ and tease new single ‘Is This Love’

James return with their 18th studio album 'Yummy,' showcase a new single 'Is This Love,' and announce a major UK tour.

James band yummy

James are set to release their 18th studio album Yummy on April 12th, hot on the heels of their 40th-anniversary celebrations and the release of last year’s Be Opened By The Wonderful.

Produced by Leo Abrahams and mixed by Cenzo Townshend, Yummy promises to be a big addition to the band’s expansive discography. Although we’ll have to wait for the full tracklisting, they’re treating us to a glimpse of what’s to come with the new single ‘Is This Love’.

Described as a “soaring” and “lush” track, it captures the band’s signature lyrical potency and sweeping arrangements. Tim Booth, the band’s frontman, describes the single as, “Love as a bomb, a tsunami that rolls over our life as we cling to the wreckage of our peace of mind.”

Adding to the artistic depth of the release, Studio Fury, known for their work on the Rolling Stones’ Hackney Diamonds, have crafted the artwork for both the single and the album.

This spring, James will embark on a major UK tour, with a notable performance at The O2 Arena in London scheduled for June 15th. Tickets for the tour are available now, offering fans the chance to experience the band’s new material live.

So stay tuned for Yummy, an album that seems poised to add a rich layer to the legacy of one of Manchester’s most enduring bands. In the meantime, check out ‘Is This Love’ below.

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