Dea Matrona drop new single ‘Every Night I Want You’ ahead of debut album release

With a nod to The Cranberries and Fleetwood Mac, Dea Matrona's new single 'Every Night I Want You' is a pop rock gem from their upcoming album.

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Irish rock duo Dea Matrona have released new single ‘Every Night I Want You’ from their eagerly awaited debut album, For Your Sins, set for release on May 3rd.

This track showcases a lighter pop-rock vibe reminiscent of The Cranberries and Fleetwood Mac, further highlighting Dea Matrona’s musical versatility and diverse influences that shape their upcoming album. The music video (watch below) for the single carries a 70s aesthetic, blending grainy tones with swirling angles for a feel-good vibe.

Discussing the single, Dea Matrona shared, “The guitar chords in ‘Every Night I Want You’ were inspired by some jazz standards I’d learned after going through a jazz phase. We both wanted to honor The Cranberries with iconic ‘doos’ in the bridge. It’s probably the most pop rock song on the album. We thought it could be a Christine McVie song if it were on a Fleetwood Mac album.”

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In conjunction with the new release, Dea Matrona announced a series of exclusive in-store acoustic performances across the UK, kicking off on May 2nd in HMV Belfast and including iconic record stores like Jacaranda in Liverpool and Banquet Records in Kingston.

Dea Matrona, consisting of school friends Mollie McGinn and Orlaith Forsythe, have captivated audiences with its boundary-pushing sound that blends indie pop and rock. Their debut album, For Your Sins, promises a mix of thumping rock tracks and whimsical pop wonders, showcasing their skill in writing, recording, and producing the album themselves.

From busking rock ‘n’ roll anthems on Belfast’s streets to gaining online fame, Dea Matrona’s journey has been marked by their unique sound and energetic performances. With a series of live dates and in-store acoustic performances scheduled, Dea Matrona is set to bring their infectious energy and music to fans new and old.

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