Josh Homme, Queens of the Stone Age frontman, reveals cancer surgery prior to tour

Queen of the Stone Age's Josh Homme has spoken candidly about facing cancer, family life, and the future of rock.


Now a single dad, Homme plans to take his trio of kids along for the ride on the European leg of Queens of the Stone Age’s (QOTSA) summer tour. He’s chomping at the bit to get back on tour, admitting, “When I’m on tour, I’m back on the streets where I belong. I’m not such a caged animal out there.”

As if battling cancer wasn’t enough, Josh Homme and QOTSA are gearing up to drop their hotly anticipated eighth studio album, In Times New Roman…, while preparing to rock stages across the UK, including at the mighty Glastonbury Festival.

Still, Josh Homme is planning to clock less mileage this time around, prioritising family time. “Things have changed a little bit for me. However long I go away, I must come back for at least that length of time,” he said, promising to balance rock n’ roll with father duties.

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QOTSA, with their trio of Grammy nods under their belt, are poised for another thrilling chapter in their rock saga. Not forgetting, of course, Homme’s contribution to the mammoth track ‘No One Knows’, featuring none other than Dave Grohl on drums.


QOTSA are about embark on a world tour

Josh Homme, a multi-instrumentalist, also co-founded Eagles of Death Metal, where he’s no stranger to the drum kit.

Queens of the Stone Age quickly rose to fame with their unique blend of hard rock, stoner metal, and desert rock. Their breakthrough came with the release of Songs for the Deaf in 2002, featuring the smash hit ‘No One Knows’. The band’s subsequent releases, like Lullabies to Paralyze (2005) and …Like Clockwork (2013), have consistently been met with critical and commercial success. As of 2023, the band is set to release their eighth studio album, In Times New Roman….

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In addition to his work with QOTSA, Homme co-founded Eagles of Death Metal alongside his longtime friend Jesse Hughes in 1998. Despite the band’s name, they are known for blending garage rock, blues rock, and hard rock.

While Homme doesn’t typically tour with the band due to his commitments with QOTSA, he sometimes contributes to their albums and performances, often playing the drums.

Across all his musical endeavours, Homme’s guitar playing, singing, and songwriting have significantly impacted the rock genre. His distinctive musical style, marked by an emphasis on driving rhythm and melody, has helped shape the sound of contemporary rock music.

Despite recent personal struggles, Homme remains a defining figure in rock music, continuing to innovate and inspire with his resilience and dedication to his craft.

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