Kasabian return with eagerly awaited eighth studio album ‘Happenings’

Kasabian are back, setting the stage alight with their new album 'Happenings' and a summer filled with explosive live performances.

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Kasabian are set to drop their eighth studio album, Happenings, on July 5th through Columbia Records. Lead single ‘Call’ has already showcased their signature combination of popping synths and energetic beats. (Give it a spin at the bottom of this article!).

Described by frontman Serge Pizzorno as the album’s “launchpad,” ‘Call’ features quieter verses leading into a boisterous chorus, encapsulating the essence of dance music. “It’s really fun and just feels like now,” Serge comments on the track that compelled him to envision attending a gig by the creators of such a vibrant sound.

The album follows their 2022 number-one hit, ‘The Alchemist’s Euphoria.’ It maintains a brisk pace with its ten tracks totalling just 26 minutes – a nod to the concise yet impactful approach of late-1950s art performances. From dance floor anthems to mosh-pit energisers, Happenings promises a varied musical experience that leaves listeners wanting more.


Recorded initially at Pizzorno’s home studio, The Sergery, the album later saw Serge and Mark Ralph co-produce the final tracks, offering a fresh take on Kasabian’s sound. The album features a range of emotions and styles, from the “timeless heartbreaker” ‘Darkest Lullaby’ to the encouraging anthem ‘G.O.A.T.,’ which Serge dedicates to his sons and fans alike, urging them to face the world with confidence.

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The band are also gearing up for massive summer shows, including a highly anticipated performance at Leicester’s Victoria Park on July 6th and headlining the Latitude Festival on July 26th.

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