Marina Allen tackles societal norms in new single ‘Deep Fake’

With 'Deep Fake', Marina Allen explores themes of femininity and societal barriers through her poignant lyrics and an innovative music video.


Marina Allen, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, has released a new single, ‘Deep Fake,’ from her upcoming third album set to debut on June 7th. The album release will be supported by shows in major cities including Los Angeles, New York City, and London, and Allen will also join Ben Howard on his European tour.

The song ‘Deep Fake’ explores complex societal issues such as femininity and patriarchal barriers. It was inspired by a writing workshop led by Chris Weisman, a mentor of Allen’s. “‘Deep Fake’ felt like a little revelation. It spun from this writing workshop I took, led by Chris Weisman. I took guitar lessons from him when I was 20. He has all these tools for songwriting, and ‘Deep Fake’ came out of a prompt. I can’t even remember what the prompt was. It’s sort of two different songs that I just put together. I wanted the first part to feel really personal, like talking to someone you love. It’s also about naming all of these very complicated things that make up our culture. Recognising them as a reality. But to confront them and see it as sacred,” Allen explained.

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The accompanying music video, directed by Callie Hernandez, features innovative visual effects, including the superimposition of Allen’s face onto various female portraits from archival footage. “The video superimposes Marina’s face onto the faces of myriad women via sourced archival footage- AKA ‘Deep Fake.’ The latter half of the video was shot on a glitchy DV camera, which was intentionally used to further blur the line between reality and fiction; real and unreal,” said Hernandez.

This release signals a significant moment for Allen as she continues to define her sound and explore thematic complexities in her music.

Photo Credit: Jasper McMahon

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