Tom Waits to join Iggy Pop for unforgettable BBC Radio 6 special

Legendary songwriters Tom Waits and Iggy Pop are set to take over the airwaves for a special show on BBC Radio 6 Music, full of songs and storytelling.

CC021 - Tom & Iggy BBC Radio 6 Music

In an echo of their iconic meeting in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes, legendary musicians Tom Waits and Iggy Pop are joining forces for a special two-hour radio program. Set to fill the airwaves on Iggy’s regular BBC Radio 6 Music slot at 4 pm UK time on Sunday, 3rd December, this global broadcast is a must-listen for music aficionados.

The show promises to be a treasure trove of musical gems as the pair load up the Confidential Jukebox with their personal favourite tracks. Between spins, they’ll share anecdotes and stories, like Waits’ hitchhiking adventure with Nature Boy composer Eden Ahbez and Iggy’s encounter with Captain Beefheart over breakfast in LA.

Fans of Waits are in for a treat as his mid-period masterpieces, released on Island Records between 1983 and 1993, have been newly remastered and are now available on vinyl and CD. These albums mark a significant shift in Waits’ musical journey, transitioning from his 70s noir romanticism to an avant-garde sound sculptor and abstract orchestrator in the 80s while maintaining his innate lyricism and human touch.

This period includes his groundbreaking album Swordfishtrombones, its sprawling sequel Rain Dogs, and the trilogy-completing Franks Wild Years, all reissued to mark their 40th anniversary. The Grammy-winning Bone Machine and the innovative Black Rider, a collaboration with Robert Wilson and William S. Burroughs, followed, showcasing Waits’ remarkable evolution.


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Apart from his musical genius, Waits has also made his mark in acting, appearing in several films such as Down By Law, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

BBC Radio 6 Music, the UK’s premier digital-only radio station, is where this special program will be aired, reaching its 2.8 million weekly listeners. This unique collaboration between Waits and Pop is a celebration of their storied careers and shared passion for music that has inspired generations.

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