New Tetris trailer promises streaming’s latest blockbuster

Taron Edgerton unveils a distinguished moustache and a penchant for puzzle-blocks in the first trailer for Tetris, the true story behind the rise of a gaming giant.

Tetris Trailer: Taron Edgerton

I say, “Tetris,” you say “car chase!” That seems to be the premise behind the latest trailer for Apple’s upcoming digi-biopic, which transforms the story of the block-busting phenomenon into a Cold War thriller. Check out the new trailer below:

Set to a funky 8-bit interpretation of Europe’s Final Countdown, the trailer sees Edgerton’s Henk Rogers discover the game in 1988 before travelling to the Soviet Union to meet with its creator, Alexey Pajitnov (Nikita Efremov).

Of course, all the staples of a classic cold-war thriller are here: the globe-trotting American, shady business interests, and a marriage (presumably) about to be on the rocks. Perhaps not entirely what we’d expect from a game which asks how many blocks you can stack before you throw your handheld computer against a wall.

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Cue a few pixelated action scenes, the unveiling of some new-fangled space tech (The Game Boy) and, yes, a car chase or two, and the stage is set for a thriller with higher stakes than The Classic Tetris World Championships (founded in 2010).

Tetris arrives on AppleTV+ on 31 March.

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