Warpaint celebrate 20 years of musical brilliance with new release and tour


Twenty years on from their humble beginnings in a Los Angeles studio, indie rock quartet Warpaint are celebrating their journey with a brand new 7” release. Announced for March 22, 2024, on Rough Trade Records, ‘Common Blue’ b/w ‘Underneath’ represents the band’s first new material in two years, alongside a West Coast headliner tour to commemorate this significant milestone. Scroll down if you can’t wait to watch the video!

Warpaint’s reunion with Rough Trade, the label responsible for their debut album, is a full-circle moment. “It makes us smile to release them in collaboration with friends and family at Rough Trade,” the band reflects. “With these new songs we tie a bow around this time in our lives, and all the experiences and songs we’ve shared over the years. It’s been an incredible journey and taken us all over the world sharing good times with beautiful people. Our hearts are full!”

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Blending psych, post-punk, and dream pop, Warpaint has carved out a distinct place in indie rock, mesmerising fans and critics alike since their 2008 breakout EP, Exquisite Corpse. Following their debut, The Fool, in 2010, they continued to captivate with their self-titled album in 2014 and Heads Up in 2016, both released under Rough Trade, culminating in their 2022 album Radiate Like This.

On ‘Common Blue’, Theresa Wayman shares, “It started with the chord progression on guitar. Jen and I jammed it in her living room in Echo Park and it became a song. We sent it around the houses (Stella and Emily’s houses) and all its elements were brought to life. It’s intended to inspire freedom! Common blue. Rising up again and again, climb a ladder to the sky, catch the view like a butterfly! Everything is possible… it ain’t over till it’s over!”

Photo credit: Richard Ramirez

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