Pet Shop Boys celebrate Rudolf Nureyev with ‘Dancing Star’ single

Exploring themes of freedom and artistry, Pet Shop Boys’ new single 'Dancing Star' pays homage to Rudolf Nureyev, showcasing their timeless synth-pop sound.

pet shop boys dancing star rudolf nureyev

Synth-pop icons Pet Shop Boys are set to enchant once more with the release of their new album, Nonetheless, on April 26th. Leading the charge is their latest single, ‘Dancing Star’, already making waves and showcasing the duo’s unwavering knack for crafting pop anthems.

‘Dancing Star’ is more than just a song; it’s a vibrant homage to the legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Nureyev, known for his breathtaking talent and bold defection from the Soviet Union, found freedom in his art and life, rising to international stardom. The track captures this spirit of liberation and artistry, with Pet Shop Boys infusing it with their signature blend of energy, hope, and a touch of theatrical flair.

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Remixed by Solomun, ‘Dancing Star’ forms part of a release bundle that feels like a nod to the maxi-singles of yore. It includes two additional tracks, ‘Sense of Time’ and ‘If Jesus Has a Sister’, the latter offering a timely Easter treat.

Furthermore, ‘Party In The Blitz’ receives a fresh spin from Superchumbo and features the voice of London’s clubland luminary, Princess Julia, adding another layer to this eclectic release.

As Pet Shop Boys gear up for their album launch, “Dancing Star” stands as a testament to their enduring influence in the music world and their ability to draw inspiration from diverse sources. With Nonetheless, fans can expect a journey through the duo’s vast musical landscape, marked by their classic sound and explorative themes.

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