Rajiv Karia at the Edinburgh Fringe review | Gallivant

Whipsmart, yet relaxed, Rajiv Karia oozes confidence on stage. The millennial son of immigrants, he wonders if he’s too settled in his comfortable East London existence. 

rajiv karia review

Full of personal anecdotes, Rajiv is ponderous and curious; he flits from the big questions about life, love and adventure to where you can find the best pizza outside of Naples (Dominoes). This gives the illusion of a stream of consciousness reverie, but Gallivant is a tight set full of imaginative word play, brilliant social observation and clever puns.

Rajiv allows time for his subtlest jokes to sink in – watch out for his Roman numerals numbers – and returns to his favourites throughout. “Am I nostalgic?” he muses, “I know I used to be.”


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His interactions with the audience are priceless. He uses one woman’s phone case to finally settle the question of what makes you young or old, while one unsuspecting man on the front row is singled out as a hedonist who routinely rollerblades into parties wearing nothing but a bum bag full of cocaine. 

Rajiv has written material for Radio 4’s The Now Show, The News Quiz and Dead Ringers so he knows his way around a joke. His carefully crafted material and flawless delivery make him one to watch. 

Rajiv Karia’s Gallivant is on at 4:25pm at the Pleasance Courtyard.

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