Tatyana shares heartfelt new track ‘Control’ from upcoming album ‘It’s Over’

tatyana control it's over

London’s very own Tatyana, who merges her roles as a producer, singer, and harpist, has just dropped her latest single, ‘Control’, featuring the Dave Okumu. The release paves the way for her eagerly awaited album, It’s Over, out on March 22, 2024, via Sinderlyn.

Crafted as a luminous journey through the complexities of modern dating, especially in our digitally dominated era, ‘Control’ alongside earlier singles ‘Down Bad’ and ‘Hold My Hand’ introduces listeners to the emotional rollercoaster of opening up to love.

Directed by Andy King, the video for ‘Control’ immerses viewers in a series of intimate vignettes, showcasing Tatyana against a backdrop that shifts with each frame. “‘Control’ opens up the second half of the album and starts the journey that will take us back to a place of hope and self-acceptance,” Tatyana says, highlighting the track’s psychedelic essence and the dream-like quality of its visuals. The video also introduces an AI rendition of Dave Okumu, adding a futuristic layer to the collaboration.

tatyana it's over artwork
It’s Over album artwork

Tatyana’s musical journey is as diverse as her background. From her London roots to a childhood spent across Russia, Holland, and Singapore, and eventually studying music at Berklee College on a full scholarship, her sound is a melting pot of global influences.

Now back in London, Tatyana infuses her music with a blend of technical mastery and a broad palette of inspirations, from the dancefloor-ready beats of Robyn and LCD Soundsystem to the classical harp melodies echoing her Russian heritage.

Her upcoming album, It’s Over, promises to testify to Tatyana’s unique blend of electronic innovation and classical finesse, a narrative about today’s dating landscape. With a world tour with Neneh Cherry and performances with Hatchie and Hyd under her belt, Tatyana’s rise in the music scene is one to watch closely.

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