Turnip Prize 2022 shortlist announced

The finalists for the 2022 Turnip Prize have been announced, with the winner of the annual spoof art prize set to be announced on 7 December.

Turnip Prize

Organised annually by the The New Inn in Wedmore, Somerset, the Turnip Prize mocks the revered Turner Prize by celebrating the person “using the least amount of effort possible” to make a unique piece of art. 

This year’s awards ceremony is scheduled for 18:30 GMT on Wednesday 7 December.

Panda Mick Turnip Prize

The 2021 Turnip Prize winner, ‘Panda Mick’

The 2022 edition received 69 different entries, with the organisers saying: “We have ordered a second skip!” Of the artworks put forward, the finalists are:

– RIP Elizabeth the 2nd, a torn 2nd class stamp by Charlie King

– Cue Jumpers, a pool cue with two small jumpers attached by Lie Instate

– Red Tape, a reel of red insulation tape by .Gov

– Ukraine, a yellow plastic crane carrying a yew sprig by Ivor Bolshoi Liebherr

This year’s winner will follow in the footsteps of ‘Panda Mick’ who won the 2021 award. That work consisted of a stuffed toy panda, with a Post-It note reading ‘Mick’ on his chest.

Winners of the competition receive a turnip attached to a wooden base.

The Turnip Prize was launched in 1999, after Tracey Emin’s famous ‘My Bed’ was nominated for the Turner Prize.

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