Two Door Cinema Club unveil new single ‘Happy Customers’ ahead of US and UK gigs

Dive into 'Happy Customers,' the latest hit by Two Door Cinema Club, and catch them live on their biggest US tour yet.

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club are back with their latest track ‘Happy Customers,’ taking fans back to the band’s roots.

The song shines with an unmistakable dose of sun-drenched nostalgia and showcases lead singer Alex Trimble in full vocal flight, hitting mezzo-soprano notes before diving into the kind of anthem-like chorus we’ve come to love from them.

Two Door Cinema Club are also gearing up for the most extensive US tour they’ve ever done. They’re hitting major cities from coast to coast, including a start in Atlanta this July and wrapping up in Nashville by October (scroll down for a full list of tour dates). For those itching to catch them live, ticket sales swing into action this Friday, 8th March.

And for fans on home turf, they haven’t forgotten you. They’re all set to light up the UK festival scene this summer, promising some massive headline shows. Details on both the US tour and UK festival appearances are up for grabs at

The artwork for ‘Happy Customers’ comes from the brilliant mind of British artist Alan Fears, whose distinctive 80s-inspired, pop culture-packed style adds an extra layer of charm to the release:

Two Door Cinema Club Happy Customers

This isn’t Fears’ first rodeo with the band, as he also lent his creative touch to their previous album, Keep On Smiling.

Two Door Cinema Club, the Northern Ireland trio known for blending post-punk hooks with electronic flair, first captured hearts with their debut album Tourist History and haven’t slowed down since. Their musical journey has seen them grace the top of UK charts, evolve their sound across five successful albums, and headline shows globally.

2023 saw them return with the single ‘Sure Enough’ and a list of fresh tour dates in the US and UK, marking yet another chapter in their enduring story. This year, they’re set to return to Reading and Leeds Festival’s main stage, continuing to prove that Two Door Cinema Club’s charm is timeless.

2024 UK tour dates & festivals

June 22 – Fairview Park – Dublin, Ireland

August 15 – CHSQ – Belfast, Ireland

August 16 – Galway Summer Sessions – Carnmore East, Ireland

August 22-25 – Reading Festival – Reading, United Kingdom

August 22-25 – Leeds Festival – Leeds, United Kingdom

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