Yellow Days shares new single ‘Finer Things in Life’ ahead of album release

In 'Finer Things in Life,' Yellow Days muses on the true meaning of luxury, inspired by the claustrophobia of The Shining and eeriness of The Holy Mountain.

Yellow Days Finer Things In Life Georgia Sydney Jones

Ahead of releasing his highly anticipated new album, Hotel Heaven, Yellow Days is treating fans to a new single, ‘Finer Things in Life’. Once again, George van den Broek delivers in his genre-defying and constantly shifting style, one that continues to captivate audiences and fellow artists alike, from Mac DeMarco to Tyler, The Creator.

‘Finer Things in Life’ explores into the illusion of luxury and the genuine value of personal connections, a theme that resonates throughout the upcoming album (and a heavy topic in our upcoming interview with George).

“I’ve never cared about nice stuff. My trousers have cigarette burns in them…The only thing that I care about is being with the one I love. That’s the ‘finer things’ to me,” explains Yellow Days.

The accompanying music video draws inspiration from a mix of cinematic classics, adding a layer of visual storytelling to the track’s nuanced message. Directed by Boris Thompson-Roylance, the video plays on themes of judgment, excess, and the surreal, echoing influences from The Shining to The Holy Mountain.

Hotel Heaven, described as a cosmic concept album, promises to be Yellow Days’ most personal work yet, predominantly crafted in his east London flat, with previous singles like ‘Mrs. Moonlight and ‘This is Hotel Heaven’ set the stage, and we’re now eagerly awaiting the full experience.

Yellow Days will bring Hotel Heaven to live audiences with a headline tour kicking off in Manchester and spanning Europe and North America. Notable stops include London’s KOKO, Paris’s La Trabendo, and Los Angeles’s Lodge Room HLP, with the tour concluding at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

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