Blu DeTiger collabs with Mallrat on new single ‘Cut Me Down’

Blu DeTiger has teamed up with Australian musician Mallrat on new single ‘Cut Me Down’. Give it a spin below.


The song brings Blu DeTiger and Mallrat (real name Grace Shaw) together to bounce off each others’ vocals and get some issues off each other’s chests, all via a thumping beat overlaid with adept bass from DeTiger.

“Everytime you cut me down / I know that you get off / Thinking that you got / Me all out of whack right now / It’s sad but it’s funny / You keep on trying,” they both sing in the chorus, as they tell the mean people of this world who like seeing other suffer where exactly they can go.

‘Cut Me Down’ is produced by DeTiger, John Hill (Foals, Oliver Tree) and Same Homaee (Selena Gomez, Dominic Fike) and is written by the three with the help of Shaw and Amy Allen (Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Justin Bieber). The track features Detiger on bass.

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‘Cut Me Down’ is a self-talk anthem—reminding myself not to let someone cut me down. It’s a groovy, sad bop. I feel like this song is a nice evolution for me and a side of me that people haven’t heard, but the soul-full chords and movement of the bassline anchor it in the Blu DeTiger sound. This is one of the most melodic and moving bass parts I’ve written, and it follows and supports the vocals in a really cool way.” said DeTiger of the song (per udiscovermusic).

She continued: “The pitched-up vocals are like my higher angels speaking to me, and they’re doing it with some spunk and attitude and aloofness. I also got to collaborate with my good friend Mallrat on this song. I have been a fan of hers for so long—I just love her tone, flow, and character in her voice. I think it fits and elevates this song perfectly.”

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