Cosmo Pyke shares new single ‘Low’ ahead of UK & EU tour in April

As Cosmo Pyke prepares for a headline tour, his new single 'Low' offers fans a glimpse into the introspective themes of his upcoming EP.

Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo Pyke has just dropped his latest single ‘Low’ from his upcoming EP of the same name, set for release on April 5th, following his critically acclaimed works that have positioned him as a distinct voice within the music scene.

‘Low’ is a musical journey into Pyke’s introspection on mental health, backed by his signature guitar riffs and drenched with horns and organ that elevate the track, with an epic guitar solo marking the climax.

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Reflecting on the track, Cosmo says that “‘Low’ is for the fans. In my live shows years ago I played this song. It had a different name then, and the crowd responses were electric. From those moments they took it to their hearts, renamed it, and now I give it back to them. Thank you.”

The upcoming EP promises a mix of refreshed classics and new tracks, each narrating different facets of Pyke’s experiences, with themes ranging from love and lust to heartache, all rooted in his South London upbringing.

April will see Pyke embarking on his first European headline tour, including a significant London show at Electric Brixton on April 25th. The tour is already generating buzz, with several dates sold out, showcasing his growing influence and dedicated fan base.

With ‘Low’ out now and an EP on the horizon, Cosmo Pyke continues to cement his status as a compelling artist, unafraid to explore and express the complexities of Gen Z life through his music.

Photo credit: Phoebe Ford

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