Listen to new alt-rock single from Kevin Abstract, ‘Running Out’

Kevin Abstract is back, this time venturing into alternative rock with his latest single, 'Running Out.'

Kevin Abstract Running Out

The song is a teaser for his forthcoming fourth solo album, Blanket, and is set to drop next Friday, 3rd November, via Video Store and RCA (pre-order/pre-save here).

Changing course from his Brockhampton days, Abstract’s latest track packs an upbeat tempo with crisp drums, a fuzzy bass synth, and guitar. Give it a whirl below:

Of his new album, Abstract said: “I wanted to make a Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana, Modest Mouse type of record. But I wanted it to hit like a rap album.”

I had a lot of reservations/ Saw God in my creations/ I ain’t recognise my graduation/ I’m gettin’ up and I’m runnin’ up/And I’m gettin’ up and I’m runnin’ out,” Kevin Abstract sings in the first verse.

The chorus leads on with: “I go, I won’t take no time for no one/ Let go, this version of me/ This version of me-eh.”

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The album follows his 2019 record, Arizona Baby, produced with Romil Hemnani and multi-instrumentalist Jonah Abraham.

Since ‘Arizona Baby,’ Abstract has also released standalone singles like ‘Slugger’ (feat. $Not and Slowthai) and ‘Sierra Nights’ (feat. Ryan Beatty) and took to the stage at Glastonbury 2022 with Easy Life for their collaboration on ‘Dear Miss Holloway.’

Brockhampton played their final show last November in Los Angeles after dropping their last albums The Family and TM, the latter of which arrived without any prior announcement.

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