Tatyana unveils debut album ‘It’s Over’ with electrifying new single ‘Down Bad’


Tatyana is gearing up to drop her debut album, It’s Over, on 22nd March. Known for her rule-bending approach, Tatyana’s avant-pop style mixes club vibes with intense electronic production, all wrapped up in melodies that stick in your mind from the first listen.

The album, set to release under the banner of Sinderlyn, is eagerly awaited. To make things even more exciting, Tatyana plans to throw an album release party at London’s Waiting Room, coinciding with the album’s launch.

Her latest single, ‘Down Bad,’ is a tantalising taste of what’s to come. The track kicks off with a scream that plunges into an LCD-style beat, setting the tone for a song that’s as catchy as it is introspective. “I wish I could delete these feelings,” Tatyana sings in this dark, love-laced hymn.

Speaking about ‘Down Bad,’ Tatyana says, “It went through some wildly different versions production-wise and I nearly gave up on it! Every person I showed the initial demo to loved it, but it felt off to me for ages. In the end, it was this loop I made on the Machinedrum that ended up being the foundation of the song.

“The frantic arps in the chorus are my favourite part, they really reflect the emotion. I think the lyrics and message of the song are pretty self-explanatory – anyone who’s suffered from limerence or who’s fallen in love with the wrong person could relate. Being down bad for someone sucks!”

The accompanying music video, directed by Andy King and featuring looks from Kiko Kostadinov, captures Tatyana’s artistic essence brilliantly. King explains, “We wanted to create a visual representation of what it’s like to be lost in your own head during the course of falling for someone. The warping, spinning and long shutter effects attempt to show what it’s like when you start to lose control of your thoughts and emotions. Losing a bit of a grip on reality. Hopefully that comes across.”

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