‘The ChurnUps’ identity confirmed as Foo Fighters take to Glastonbury Pyramid Stage

The worst-kept secret in music is finally out - mystery headliners 'The ChurnUps' are confirmed to be The Foo Fighters.

foo fighters

The worst-kept secret in music is finally out in the wild – mystery headliners ‘The ChurnUps’ are confirmed to be none other than The Foo Fighters.

Rumours and hearsay have been flying all over the internet since ‘The ChurnUps’ were announced as a mystery headliner last month – was it a clever play on the process required to make Pulp? Was it Blur for some reason?

Well, Britpop fans were surely departing the Pyramid Stage in floods of tears this Friday evening, as it turns out the mystery outfit are none other than the band everyone said they were going to be; The Foo Fighters are back at Glasto.

It should hardly come as much of a surprise – according to The Independent, Dave Grohl was reportedly seen hanging around backstage earlier on the Friday.

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters

Here’s Dave Grohl, looking very sweaty (photo: Alamy Stock Photo)

Referencing the mystery part-way through their set, Grohl said:

“You guys f***ing knew it was us this whole time,” he said. “We’re not good at secrets.”

The US rock group are on before Royal Blood and The Arctic Monkeys take to the Pyramid Stage later on Friday evening.

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