New Music Friday | Featuring ‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven’ by The Rolling Stones

There’s some really exciting new tracks out this week. From the return of Jorja Smith to another album from Cleo Sol to the lead single for PinkPantheress’ debut album. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, some guys called the Rolling Stones enlisted none other than Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder for ‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven’, just their second new song in 18 years.

New Music Friday The Rolling Stones

Sweet Sounds of Heaven – The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder

You can’t really be in better company than this. The second single off the rock and roll icons’ long awaited return album, Hackney Diamonds sees Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga take centre stage. Speaking about the track to Apple Music, Jagger said: “We did it live in the room, and that was a great experience, her just coming in the room and her just opening up and seeing her bits and feeling her way and then getting more confident. And then we came back and then did some extra parts that we hadn’t done on the day and then we did some tidying up and we were just in the overdub room, really face-to-face, getting them really tight, the parts really tight, and then being slightly competitive and screaming.”

There Will Be No Crying – Cleo Sol

The inimitable Cleo Sol. For an artist who has excelled so much on features or with the faceless project Sault, we’ve suddenly got two albums in the space of two weeks from Cleo Sol herself. The second of these albums is Gold, and ‘There Will Be No Crying’ is one of the standouts. 

Broken Is The Man – Jorja Smith

One of the best tunes off Jorja Smith’s spellbinding new record, Falling or Flying. Fans had to wait a while between Smith’s debut album and this, but “Smith can take all the time in the world” as it’s worth records like this, according to Sam Moore in our review of the album, which describes ‘Broken Is The Man’ as “the realest and most personal Smith has ever been on record” as she opens up about failed romance and the relationship seeming to turn abusive.

Defeat – Animal Collective 

With a run time of 22 minutes – yep, that is twenty-two minutes – ‘Defeat’ is longer than some albums. It is just one song, however, the magnum opus from Animal Collective’s new album, Isn’t It Now? In our four star review of the album, Harvey Solomon-Brady wrote: ‘[‘Defeat’] is best termed as a sonic expedition that serves as the album’s cornerstone, sandwiched right in the middle of the record. It’s a carefully constructed symphony ripe with emotional licks and ‘White Album/‘Revolution 9′ flourishes. Rather than exhaust, it enlivens with its generous layering, reaching a calmness through each cycle.”

Manifesting Part 2 – Kamille, Kojey Radical

Another star-studded pairing, this time with a pair of young Brits. The track is the second effort between Mercury Prize-nominated Kojey Radical and BRIT Award-winning Kamille this month. As the title suggests, both were called ‘Manifesting’, with Part 1 closing out Kamille’s mini album earlier this month.

Who Let Him In – Obongjayar

Expected to appear on his upcoming second album (for which there is no still no release date) and also featured on the soundtrack for the new EA Sports FC24 game. ‘Who Let Him In’ is the latest step in what’s proving to be a very successful summer for Obongjayar, including the hit ‘adore u’ with Fred again...

Shaq & Kobe – Rick Ross and Meek Mill 

I’m not sure Rick Ross and Meek Mill are quite on the same plane of iconic duos as Shaq & Kobe. Perhaps Stockton and Malone, there’s no shame in that – they’re both Hall of Famers. ‘Shaq & Kobe’ is the first track from the Maybach Music pair ahead of an expected collaborative album called Too Good to Be True.  

Mosquito – PinkPantheress

There have been parts of this song teased for over a year now, but, officially, it’s finally here and marks the lead single ahead of the young star’s debut album.

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