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I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Charlie Kaufman’s latest film, i’m thinking of ending things, is based on a novel by Canadian author Iain Reid. A young couple are on their way to meet-the-parents; claustrophobia, recursion and double-bluffs see them come face to face with much more than just family dinner.

Stendhal at the Drive-Thru

The art world has come up with some ingenious solutions in response to the pandemic; but there’s no substitute to seeing art in real life. How will these new, improvised contexts shape the way we experience art?

Conor Murgatroyd mixes Hockney and Magritte

From his studio in Bermondsey, Conor chats about his hometown of Bradford, his artistic influences, his time working in construction and how he uses painting to explore his origins.

If a tree falls in Nordmarka forest

Katie Paterson’s Future Library sees 1000 trees planted in Nordmarka forest outside Oslo; they’ll be used in a century’s time to make the paper for the project’s eventual anthology. But what does it mean to write for readers you’ll never meet? And what kind of world will Future Library’s texts be released into?

Rampa  They Will Be