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Open House: Episode 06

Tom White

Tom White’s colourful oils explore the vulnerability of the human condition. In episode 6 of Open House, he takes us through his artistic journey from pop culture to deeply personal self-portraits.

WITH INDIA: Episode 04

Morning-after drinks

For anyone who’s had one too many, these are the drinks you need to get your day back on track.
Open House: Episode 05

Emma Elliott

Emma Elliott’s beautiful sculptures deliver a vital message to humanity about the fragility of our ecosystem. In episode 5 of Open House, she invites us into her studio where she turns centuries-old marble into striking, relevant and challenging pieces.
Up Next: Episode 08

Lee Kay-Barry

Lee Kay-Barry’s colourful paintings are inspired by the interplay of London architecture and the natural world. Here, he tells us how he overcame shyness by exhibiting his work, and what inspired him to paint his first self portrait.
Conscious Cooking: Episode 06

Marinated Lamb Shawarma Flatbreads

Each fortnight, Caspar Giri cooks up delicious seasonal recipes with locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients. This week, he shows you how to make mouth watering marinated lamb shawarma flatbreads on the barbecue.
WITH INDIA: Episode 03


Time to roll out your drinks trolley. This week, India shows you how to get your Mojitos just right and adds a new twist to an Aperol Spritz.
Conservation in Action: Episode 01


Beautiful, fierce, powerful, and endangered. Across Africa, poaching and agriculture threaten the survival of big cats, but a new conservation model is giving them a chance to thrive.
Open House: Episode 04

Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce describes painting portraits as “somewhere between a haircut and a therapy session”. In episode 4 of Open House, he shows us how he’s adapted his intimate methods to lockdown, and finally found the time to launch his long-imagined animation project.
Movements: Episode 01


This series shows how a movement shapes, and is shaped by, its cultural surroundings. In the late 80s, the art world was shaken by the YBAs. Alongside Britpop, Cool Britannia and heroin chic, The Young British Artists defined the era as garish and unapologetic.
Open House: Episode 03

Millie Suu Kyi

Millie Suu Kyi’s ceramics and illustrations depict personality traits through playful characters and vivid scenes, inspired by childhood nostalgia. In episode three of Open House, she shows us how lockdown is shaping her work, and shares her hopes for the future of the arts.
Conscious Cooking: Episode 05

Chocolate and pecan banana bread

Each fortnight, Caspar Giri cooks up delicious seasonal recipes with locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients. This week it’s the ultimate lock-down comfort food; scrumptious banana bread with pecans and chocolate chips.
Open House: Episode 02

Conor Rogers

Conor Rogers’ intricate miniatures of daily life in the north of England are authentic, emotive depictions of working-class society. In the second episode of Open House, he takes us round his studio where discarded objects become the canvases for his work.

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